Girl in the Velvet Dress Chapter 4: Downfall


Her new love so charming and handsome,
His eyes grey and blue, like the ocean.
He stole her heart, and held it for ransome,
His love came with a certain notion.

Though he has the heart of a lion,
His edges are sharp like that of a blade.
One thing for sure, she could rely on,
He knew how the game of love was played.

Both of them shared a similar past,
The same chaos, and the same neglect.
A past of having loved and lost,
But both of them would resurrect.

From time to time they would disagree,
Like every couple does sometimes.
It may be normal, to a certain degree,
However, his rage was a downright crime.

She could not resist the dying urge,
Of fighting back and retaliation.
His rage simply fueled that of hers,
An ugly and heated abomination.

It’s true her demons had faded away,
But they were still watching, ready to lure.
Lure her back in hell and harms way,
As they knew she was blended impure.

Her demons watched her falling apart,
Knowing so well it wouldnt take much.
Lovers were aiming for each other’s heart,
A matter of time, and they’d witness a clutch.

Her demons waited long enough,
The day had come when she looked their way.
No time was spent, she was instantly scruffed,
She choked and struggled in dismay.

How on earth could this possibly happen?
She won the war, she was rest assured!
But her victory at last, would sadly blacken,
Because ‘war’ was still living inside of her.

Samantha921 16/01/2022


Girl in the Velvet Dress Chapter 3: The Child Within

The Child Within

The intense heat slowly faded away,
Room was created for slight relief,
Though it was still blurry and grey,
Her last resort killed some of the grief.

She still had nightmares every night,
And intrusions taunted her every day,
She didn’t have any strenght to fight,
Her demons took her strength away.

Then out of the blue she opened her mouth,
She spit fire, the same that she suffered,
Her demons ways were going south,
She had to fight, she soon discovered.

And so she did, she conquered and fought,
Her weapons were made of solid truths,
The demons in awe, who would have thought?
Something she gained from her childhood.

Somehow the demons forgot kill,
The child within, and it seemed as though,
She fought them off with nothing but will,
Oh did she give a spectacular show.

As she regained some power and strenght,
She even opened her heart to new love,
That love would take her to greater lengths,
As for the demons, she shook them off.

– Samantha921 12/01/2022


Poem: A Piece of Heaven

Recently I snapped this picture after I looked out the window and noticed the special sky. When I look at this picture it reminds me of a poem a wrote a few years ago. I decided to rewrite the poem on this picture. Not all of my poems are dark, this is a light one. Hope you enjoy! 🌸

A Piece of Heaven

Crystalline skies surround my being,
It’s the sparkling and brilliant light.
It’s love and radiance that I’m seeying,
It’s the day that I feel, and not the night.

A beautiful gesture,
A kind salutation.
A blissful pleasure,
A flawless ration.

The air is soft and thin,
Like blossom falling of the trees,
Touching my delicate skin,
A Piece of Heaven from Thee.

– Samantha921 11/01/2021


Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart

What I remember when all was dark,
Such harsh times and dire straits,
From time to time I felt this spark,
To see my grandfather at the gate.

So old and fragile, but ever so nice,
The question he asked, always the same,
Do you still drive? Direct and concise,
No was my answer, somewhat ashamed.

Every time he replied ‘It’s okay’,
We talked some more and I would leave,
I’m sorry, I didn’t make it that day,
Thank you grandfather, may you Rest in Peace.


– Samantha921 04/01/2022


Free verse: Shadow


I’m a flower,
A delicate flower.
Though I have a shadow,
That’s dark and hidden,
Just like my secrets.
On fear it feeds,
My soul is fighting,
As it bleeds.
Though this shadow is but a shield,
It only protects what has not been healed.
All I need is to catch my breath,
Be still for a moment,
For it’s time to rest.
But not before,
I felt the pain,
Of the deepest cuts,
In my porcelain flesh.

– Samantha921 3/01/2022


Girl in the Velvet Dress Chapter 2: Inferno

Chapter 2 is what you can call ‘dark’. It’s not meant for everyone. As I understand, that some won’t understand. To me that’s the beauty of poetry. It’s expression. Not a need for validation. Enjoy.


On a blue monday it was all about speed,
A prophecy, a wish, a dream, a game.
Never does she get what she really needs,
She didn’t know, she wanted the fame.

An off black cadillac, super fast car,
Speeding on the highway, driving strong.
Leading to nowhere, wearing out tar,
Taking turns, and they were all wrong.

Then came in the camouflaged,
‘Fire coming out of the monkey’s head’.
It was armageddon, an entourage,
Oh did she wish for mercy and death…

– Samantha921 03/01/2022


Girl in the Velvet Dress Chapter 1: ‘Wild at Heart’

 ‘Wild at Heart’

Clutter and chaos in a young soul,
A mind infected with darkness and dirt.
Everything she can recall,
Is all that she did, it only hurt.
As years went by, so did the men,
She broke their hearts and moved on quick.
Though she cried at times, but when,
The tears were out, she was still sick.
Glasses were half empty and she,
Smashed them to pieces on the ground.
Never was she compelled to see,
What goes around, comes around.
One day she decided to take a chance,
Working hard and flying high.
It was a twirling and funny dance.
As she was oblivious, and living a lie.

– Samantha921 31/12/2021